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Bringing the Country to You

About Us

We are a family run flower farm specializing in growing flowers that will bring happiness, love and peace to your life. 

Our farm is dedicated to helping you stop to smell the roses again; taking moments and making them memories. 


Located North of Wabamun, AB we have turned our little piece of heaven into a tranquil flower farm bursting with color, scents and blooms of all kinds. I have sourced many varieties and unique blooms to bring to you beauty from around the world. 


I’ve always enjoyed flowers and how happy they made me feel. My grandmother has always had a huge flower garden at her home. Every time I would visit we would walk through her rows of flowers and beds while she would tell me their stories. I knew that someday I would like to have my own flower garden so I could share with the world the joy that she introduced me to. I’m happy to say that day is here. 


It all started with this lovely acreage we bought  in 2016; we had taken a blank slate and turned it into our little piece of heaven. We got married here at our home on Aug 3, 2019 and I grew the flowers for the wedding. It was such a peaceful and joyful experience. I couldn’t wait to wake up in the morning to see what had bloomed and how beautiful it looked. I’d spend all morning tending to them. I knew then that I wanted to devote my life to sharing this joy with others.


Jenni Sustrate-Mills



Jenni is known for her charismatic optimism, unique laugh and lovable nature. She believes flowers are the purest form of love, happiness and peace and so even just walking among the flowers can change your day into the best one! Jenni is drawn to bouquets that are delicate, romantic and country inspired. Jenni is the heart and soul behind Country Love.


Scott Mills


Scott is the dedicated husband to Jenni and is always helping to make her dream come to reality. Scott has been instrumental is the creation of Country Love Blooms. He trucks in all the dirt, builds the flower beds and creates whatever is needed. Scott is a very optimistic man, genuine, innovative and loves to see his family happy. 


Our Philosophy

We believe in family, friends and community. Everything that we do here on the farm revolves around honoring those relationships. Loving our family and friends and sharing with our community is at the heart of who we are. 


We believe in stopping to smell the roses; breathing in all that is has to offer you. Life is better lived this way. 


We believe in Mother Nature and keeping her beautiful, clean, sustainable and healthy. We also promote the livelihood of bees, butterflies and other insects by leaving the dandelions, growing flowers specific for these species and leaving little shelters with our leaves for them in the winter. 


We believe in supporting other small and local businesses. Everyone has a dream and can contribute to make the world a better place. 


We believe in following your heart. 

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